FGC Auction Nomination Page

Recent Enhancement Project of the Year – Business

  • This award is intended to honor a new construction, building or outdoor area renovation or other capital improvements made, which improved the quality of life here in Forest Grove and/or Cornelius.


Spirit of Forest Grove/Cornelius – Business/Civic Org/Nonprofit

    • This award goes to a service club, non-profit, or business in recognition to their contributions to the community in the past year. Their dedication to the community and civic projects made FG/Cornelius a better place to live.

    Volunteer of the Year – Person

    • This award goes to a person who has volunteered countless hours of time and talent to the success and growth of the chamber.  This individual has gone above and beyond in their volunteerism and support of the chamber.

    Rising Star – Person

    • This award recognizes an individual for their creativity, imagination, and personal initiative in operating a successful business venture and has made a positive impact on the community.

    New Business of the Year – Business

    • This award goes to a new business that opened its doors withing the past 3 years and became a true member of the community by supporting local organizations and the chamber. This business embraces bringing business and community together.

    Lifetime Achievement – Person or Business

    • This awarded goes to an individual or business who consistently gives back to the community, year after year. Their actions have improved the Forest Grove and/or Cornelius community and motivate others to get involved.

    Small Business of the Year – Business

    • This award recognizes a business that contributes to the economic growth and quality of life in Forest Grove/Cornelius and whose practices and professional conduct contribute to a sense of cooperation within the entire business community. Must be an active chamber member and demonstrate one or more of the following characteristics: encourages and provides professional development of staff, business strategy; growth; community involvement; exceptional customer service; green business initiative; innovative products or services. This business should have less than 20 employees.

    Non-Profit / Service Organization of the Year

    • This award recognizes a nonprofit or service organization that accomplishes significant results on behalf of the Forest Grove/Cornelius community. It supports and demonstrates a collaborative spirit through creative partnerships with other nonprofits, various businesses, the chamber of commerce and/or other civic organizations within the community. This organization embodies a spirit of volunteerism, altruism and respect and inspires others by their example.