Sister Cities

What is the Sister Cities Committee?

The Forest Grove Sister Cities Committee is intended to foster understanding, mutual respect, and interest among the people of Forest Grove through the exchange of people, ideas, and culture with citizens of other countries in cities similar to ours. The Committee consists of volunteers from the business community, students, educators, public servants, and residents of Forest Grove. Members create a variety of programs and activities in order to bring intercultural understanding and deepen respect and friendships between the people of cities and nations.

Our Sister City, Nuyzen, Japan

The town of Nyuzen (pronounced “new-zen”) lies northwest of Tokyo in the Toyama Prefecture between the majestic North Alps and the Sea of Japan. It spreads southwest along an alluvial fan created by the Kurobe River as it empties into the great Toyama Bay.

Nyuzen offers many beautiful and fascinating sites, from the National Monument Cedar Tree Park [SUGISAWA NO SAWASUGI], many famous natural spring water wells [YUSUI-GUN], the cultural Forest Art Park [NIZAYAMA GEIJUTSU NO MORI] and Nyuzen’s Community Hall [COSMO HALL]. Autumn brings the rice harvest, winter snows draw people to the North Alps for skiing and family holidays, colorful tulips abound in the spring, while summer celebrates Nyuzen’s famous jumbo Suika watermelon harvest.

The Sister Cities Program

What started as an exchange of ideas between two businesses half a world apart in 1988 – Tektronix/Forest Grove and NEC/Nyuzen, Japan – continues to thrive as a cultural and civic Sister Cities relationship. Each community hosts adult and student delegations interested in exploring the cultures of other parts of the world.

Forest Grove sends a delegation every two years to Nyuzen under the leadership of the current Mayor. Nyuzen sends a student delegation every fall and adult delegation on alternate years. In addition to official meetings and receptions, the delegates visit cultural and historical sites. Delegates are hosted in private homes with the opportunity to form personal friendships with their host family. Participation in a delegation is open to all residents of Forest Grove – including educators, business leaders, and college students. Applications are available through the City Recorder’s office.

Volunteers are always welcome on the Committee, to help plan or escort delegation visits, student exchanges, tours of Forest Grove, or to host a student or adult delegate.

Get Involved by Becoming a Host Family

Becoming a host family is the best way to get involved! It offers your family a chance to forge lifelong friendships and increase your intercultural knowledge and awareness. The Sister Cities Committee is a part of the Forest Grove/Cornelius Chamber of Commerce.

If you are interested in becoming a host family, email us at or visit us at