Notary Services

*Notary procedures and policy

  • Call 503-357-3006 for any inquires or questions
  • $10 per act for Non FGCChamber Members
  • Notary will be available through APPOINTMENT ONLY during open work hours. Posted 10AM-3PM
  • You must provide Notarial certificate that will be notarized.  Notary cannot provide this.  “The notary public should not take it upon himself or herself to select or substitute a certificate on behalf of the person. In addition to the risk that the notary public may be found to be unlawfully practicing law, there is also some possibility that the notary public may become involved in litigation if the document is later found not to accomplish what was intended by the parties, and the problem is with a certificate that the notary public selected.”​
  • Notary will be permitted to notarize any documents permitted for Oregon notary publics, up to their discretion.